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Advising organisations on how to create purpose led, racially inclusive cultures and retain their best people.  Drawing on coaching, strategic and people communications, focused on employee experience in the workplace and PR with primary audiences. As a result, organisations benefit from an enhanced external reputation and more sustainable relationships.  
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Personal Development

Coaching & Training

Barbara has been a certified NLP coach since 2004 and works with clients on personal impact, assertiveness, accepting change and achieving positive outcomes both personally and professionally.
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Mediation is still an untapped resource in achieving successful corporate outcomes. Especially around culture change. Barbara conducts Commercial and Workplace mediation with a specialist intervention when racism factors in the dispute.
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Anti-Racist Activism


As a race and ethnicity equity activist, Barbara runs awareness training for organisations and individuals based around being aware of how and when racism happens in a commercial setting,. Also strategies on how to adopt behaviours to become anti racist.
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Brownstone Communications

-Founder's Story

Brownstone Communications is the official vehicle for the work of  founder Barbara Phillips, MPRCA.

Barbara is a skilled, experienced strategic communications leader. She advises organisations on how to create purpose led, racially inclusive cultures and retain their best people. By drawing on PR, storytelling, and coaching techniques she delivers both an enhanced external reputation and more sustainable relationships with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

She has a B.A. (Hons) in Media & Linguistics, an M.A. in Communications Management, is and NLP Certified Coach and Practitioner and an accredited Workplace and Commercial Mediator

Barbara is also a long-standing racial justice activist and trainer and sits on the board of a number of  organisations:

• Sitting Magistrate – Ministry of Justice - North West London Justice Area
Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Board member July 2020 (voluntary)
The Black Curriculum Advisory Board member including fundraising and corporate strategy March 2020 (voluntary)
Blue Hexagon Events Board member September 2019  (commercial)
• Founding Chair of the Race and Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB) founded in July 2020 by the PRCA in an effort to redress the lack of racial equity in the PR and communications industry

Speaking Out

Barbara Phillips is the founder of Brownstone Communications and is available to speak publicly on anti racism, and racial equity, especially within the PR & communications industry.

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We want to work with you on developing your personal skills or helping you create an inclusive, racially equitable, people-focused culture.
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